What Are Your New Years Resolutions?

This year, my New Years Resolutions are all about blogging. Did you know that the nearly half of people give up their goals after just one month? I’m not the most organized person, but hopefully I’ll be able to commit to these goals until at least March! This is a post is to celebrate theContinue reading “What Are Your New Years Resolutions?”

My Top 22 Books Of 2022

The moment has finally arrived: the moment to reveal my Top 22 Books of 2022. It’s been an interesting year book wise; I’ve tried to meet my 2021 resolution to read more from Own Voices and Indie publishers. I didn’t get around to reading any translated works – do you have any recommendations? – butContinue reading “My Top 22 Books Of 2022”

Top Ten Tuesday 8/11/22: Series I’d Like To Finish

Can you sympathize with having a crazy TBR pile? This weeks Top Ten Tuesday prompt is about series you’re mid way through and I thought it would be a good chance to recap on series I’ve begun and never finished… And there’s a lot more than I originally thought! As always, this great tag wasContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday 8/11/22: Series I’d Like To Finish”

LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Book Tag

This is so cool – I love that you can educate people and share book recommendations at the same time! I’m honoured to be nominated by the creator The Corner of Laura and you can find their post here. I think it’s so important to keep sharing queer books during and especially after June, toContinue reading “LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Book Tag”

TTT 30/8/22: Why Were These Books Banned? Should They Stay Banned?

Why are books banned? There’s certainly some crazy reasons out there. Whenever I see banned books lists, it often bugs me that it doesn’t say why they were banned in the first place. So, I thought I’d do some research for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday and compile a list for you! Reading banned booksContinue reading “TTT 30/8/22: Why Were These Books Banned? Should They Stay Banned?”

Book Tag: Last, Now, Next

Easiest book tag you’ll ever see? Look no further! It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag – holidays, reading obnoxiously long Cassandra Clare books and catching up on Stranger Things Vol. 4 have caught up with me. But I’m back, courtesy of the incredible Madeline over at The Bookish Mutant. Find her tagContinue reading “Book Tag: Last, Now, Next”

The Animal Crossing Book Tag

The cutest tag I’ve ever done. If you need a sharp kick of nostalgia, look no further than this Animal Crossing Tag – and get some great book recommendations as you do! Thanks so much to Georgia over at Lost In Neverland for nominating me for this tag – find her brilliant post here. AllContinue reading “The Animal Crossing Book Tag”

May Reading Round Up: All The Places I’ve Travelled To

This was not posted in June. Your eyes deceive you. I’ve never been to America. I’ve never been to Asia, or battle field, or dark space… but sometimes it feels like I have. It’s a cliché, but reading really does transport you. You can travel time and space to places you’ve never been or neverContinue reading “May Reading Round Up: All The Places I’ve Travelled To”

#TTT 12/4/22 – Quiz! Which fantasy books are these places are from?

As always, this great tag was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl. I’d messed up my dates, so I’m doing last week’s freebie prompt this week! I thought it would be fun to do a quiz, so can you guess which urban fantasy books these words areContinue reading “#TTT 12/4/22 – Quiz! Which fantasy books are these places are from?”