Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Written By Guest Blogger: The Little Piggy

Name: Percy Jackson

Author: Rick Riordan

Published: 2005

When Percy Jackson finds out that he is the son of a Greek God, he is immediately sent to Camp Half-blood, a camp for demigods! He meets a few new friends including: Luke, son of Hermes, and Annabeth, daughter of Athena. But when one of the Big Three (Hades, percy jPoseidon and Zeus) claim him as their son, Percy gets wrongly accused of stealing Zeus’ master bolt!! Zeus’ master bolt is what starts all thunderstorms and is a colossal cylinder of electric power! But with Hades’ warrior guards (the Furies) trying to exterminate them at their very move and constant warnings from strange creatures, Percy and his friends are swept up into a world of treason and deadly secrets where nothing is at as it seems…

I really like this book because it is written in a very sarcastic way and it’s very funny. I think that this is probably the best book I’ve ever read! I think that the description is very good and it really helps you imagine what it is like. I would recommend reading the whole series first then watching the films because it might spoil how you imagine Percy and his friends and the gods look like. I wasn’t a very big fan of reading before I read this but now I am addicted to the series. If someone asked me to pick a book, I would instantly dive for Percy Jackson. The books in the series are:

I hope you like them!


Name: Moriarty

Author: Antony Horowitz

Published: 2014


Sherlock Holmes is dead. The famous detective and his nemesis, Moriarty, fell to their deaths at Reichenbach Falls. But all is not as it seems. A brand new criminal mastermind has arrived from America and with him brings change. He wishes to rebuild the underworld empire Moriarty left behind and make it stronger than ever before.

 And so it is down to junior investigator Frederick Chase to forge a path through the darkest corners of the capital. With the help of Inspector Athelney Jones, he races against time and this shadowy figure, a man determined to engulf London in a tide of murder and menace.

The game is afoot…

Moriarty is a Holmes novel with neither Holmes or Watson. However, Horowitz has perfectly captured Doyle’s writing style. This book is full of red herrings, exciting pursuits, violence and gore. Plus, an excellent twist.. which you will never see coming! But, this London is a much darker place than Sherlock’s.

The House of Silk is the predecessor of this book, however Moriarty is a sequel, not a follow up. You do not need to read them in any particular order either. I only heard about The House of Silk while doing research for this post, and I understood the book fine without it.  While I’m sure they both are, Moriarty especially is full of bits and pieces from the original series by Conan Doyle that link nicely with this plot, but you don’t need to be a Holmes – nerd to understand them all! Whether you are a Sherlock know it all (not me) or enjoyed the TV series and would like to read this epilogue (more my type! 😉 ) this is a perfect crime novel for all.

SWEETENER: Anthony Horowitz uses amazing yet complicating vocabulary to really bring this piece to life. This is probably one of the reasons I would recommend it to more confident readers,  because complex words are used that might be difficult for anyone under 13 to understand. Also, Horowitz creates vivid and gruesome images of the darkness within the streets of London. He writes with all the gory of Lee Child and the cleverness of Agatha Christie.

MATURE CHEESES ONLY! For the point listed above and a few scenes in the book that may disturb younger readers, I would recommend it to 13+. You may struggle to understand some of the references below this age. BUT, Anthony Horowitz is, in my opinion, one of the greatest childrens’ authors ever. If you have never read one of his books, be ashamed! You don’t need to be young to enjoy these book, adults still read them as well. Here are some of my favourites, which I will try to blog about at some point:

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Unbeknownst to them, 5 teenagers with special powers are the only thing that standsPOWER OF FIVE between evil and all humanity. They must face their fears, form together and defeat evil before it is too late and the past repeats itself.

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Alex Rider is a normal teenager… except for the fact that he is an M16 agent of course. He travels the world unmasking criminals and fighting crime (lot less cheesy than it sounds!)
P.S: don’t watch the movies. They’re TRASH.

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which is also amazing
When bumbling Tim decides he wants to become a private detective, he’s going to need the help of his younger brother Nick… who ends up doing most of the work. This series is clever and funny, having you in stitches yet clueless until the very end. 

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The Thing About Jellyfish

Name: The Thing About Jellyfish

Author: Ali Benjamin

Published: 2015

Song: Changes by David Bowie

the thing about jellyfish

It was always Suzy and Franny, Franny and Suzy: they were best friends, inseparable. But, one day, it was just Suzy.

Suzy Swanson stopped speaking the day her best friend drowned. She didn’t understand how it could have happened – Franny was an excellent swimmer. So, she sets off on a mission that will take her to the deepest, darkest corners of the ocean and her memory. 

Written in a graceful and innocent tone, ‘the thing about jellyfish’ is incredibly moving. It is heart warming and heart breaking; covering everything about growing up and growing apart. Inspired by her Year 8 science teacher, Suzy writes it as a scientific study, from the introduction and an end. however, this doesn’t affect the storyline or fictional basis only adds a level of understanding to the novel. The entire thing is comprised of short chapters so is quite easy to read – I read it in literally 3 sittings! Overall, this book is a beautiful piece about love, loss and jellyfish.

SWEETENER: Friendship. Franny wasn’t always Suzy’s friend. In fact, they draw apart after moving to high school; Franny to the more popular (and mean) girls, leaving Suzy on her own. The author includes short snippets of their happy childhood between chapters which contrast dramatically with their current situation. The girls gradually draw more and more apart. Days before Franny’s death, although nobody knows that, Suzy decides to take a stand. Sick and tired of being bullied for the whole of the year, she makes a choice that will change both of their lives. And one of their deaths.

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Scarlett and Ivy: The Lost Twin

Name: Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twin

Author: Sophie Cleverly

Published: 2015


An isolated boarding school harbouring a perfectly creepy secret. Twins Ivy and Scarlet have never been separated, until Scarlet receives a mysterious invitation to lonely Rookwood school. 6 months later, she is pronounced dead. No one outside the school knows what’s happened to her; but Ivy wants to discover the truth. So, she jumps at the opportunity when the terrifying Miss Fox asks her to take Scarlet’s place at the school… in more ways than one.   

Sophie Cleverly has certainly led up to her surname! This book is the first of an ongoing series about their adventures. I would highly recommend them for fans of the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ mysteries by Robin Stevens. the mystery is highly engaging and I especially loved all the little details the author has given to the characters. However at some points in the story I felt that the plot was getting slightly unrealistic. But, altogether it was a very original book with a clever twist.

The Scarlet and Ivy mysteries begin with this book but there are 5 other books, the 6th coming out this year (I’m very excited! :D) Personally, I feel that the series doesn’t progress to be as good as the first one, but I read them all the same. They get a bit like Sophie has run out of scenarios for her characters. But, the first two or three are definitely worth reading – I’m interested of anyone else’s opinion too.


SWEETENER: Friends and enemies. Both twins (we learn about Scarlet’s time at the school through short interludes in the chapter that are her diary entries) encounter the same enemy! Also, Ivy meets a really sweet girl and trustworthy girl called Ariadne who helps her throughout the series. She has a mysterious past, which also features throughout the books, plus, for a reason unknown – in this book anyway – she was thrown out of a boarding school before Rookwood. In the story, Ivy can’t find any mention of her sister, but does find her diary hidden in her old room. Some of the pages have been stolen, and Ivy spends the entire book trying to get them back, because Scarlet discovered the secret of Rookwood school an wrote it down on those pages. And then she disappeared without a trace…

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One of us is lying

Name: One of us is lying

Author: Karen McManus

Published: 2017

one of us is lying

Five students enter a detention. Only four leave alive.  
Bronwyn: the Yale – hopeful geek. Addy: the quintessential princess. Nate: the hot criminal  Cooper: the buff boy sportstar. And Simon: the outsider who created the notorious high school gossip app, About That.But he will never post anything ever agin. Simon is murdered 24 hours before he can post their darkest secrets online. Everyone has secrets, right? What really matters is how far you go to protect them.                                                                            

Murder, secrets, romance, betrayal… this book has it all! A must read for fans of Sue Wallman and John Green. It’s written from the point of view of all the characters – who may seem like extremely stereotypical teenagers but the plot twist and turns throughout the whole book and will keep you guessing until the very end. It is a book all about the truth. The four students become unlikely friends as the story evolves, but you are always kept guessing who the killer is. The characters are extremely likeable and relatable; the plot keeps you guessing until the very end. (god, that sounded like a Daily Times book review!) But seriously, the secrets are intriguing, the plot is thrilling and that cover is pretty ace! There is talk of it being made into a movie – it looks very exciting. Im going to keep my eyes open…

SWEETENER: Slightly cliche but some of the main characters (no spoilers on this blog) get together and are very cute. Relationships also feature in the story, but not always in the way you’d expect… I also really liked in the book, how it flicks from different character’s perspective on the situation, so that it almost always ends the narrative on a cliffhanger or narrative hook. The book is set in an American high school and all the characters are going through really relatable emotions and experiences (well, apart from the bit when they get ambushed by reporters for being suspected murderers.) Honestly, buy this book. It will make your money worthwhile!

MATURE CHEESES ONLY! As the characters are a bit older, the book covers a few more grown up topics. If I had to give an age rating, I’d say around 12+. It also adds to the book as well – the characters’ ages show in different ways as well throughout the book.


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Salt to the Sea

Name: Salt to the Sea

Author: Ruta Sepetys

Published: 2016


War torn Germany. Four young people. Four dark secrets. Four teenagers whose lives have been torn apart by war meet, along with thousands of other refugees, in the struggle to outpace the advancing Red Army. All are hoping to board the Wilhelm Gustloff: a ship that promises freedom and safety. But not all promises can be kept. 

This brilliant book is the true story of one of the worst maritime disasters in world war two. But I bet you’ve never even heard of the Wilhelm Gustloff. Salt to the Sea tells the tale of Joana, Alfred, Emelia and Florian who all meet by chance in the dark heart of Nazi occupied Germany, 1945. They each have their own dark past and secrets that will shock you. This book will make you laugh and cry (although probably mostly crying!) with its unique perspective of the horror of world war two.

SWEETENER: Ruta Septys has written this book beautifully. It’s written from the point of view of all the main characters, rotating in short chapters between them. It’s effective because the short chapters really enunciate (yes that IS an actual word!) how quickly everything happens and most of them end on cliffhangers…  I have loaned this book to quite a few of my friends; they have all agreed that it is pretty ace! I would definitely recommend it for fans of Michael Morpurgo and Sarah Crossan. It also won the Cilip Carnagie Award back in 2017, blah, blah, blah, but that’s still pretty cool as it was only realised in 2016.

MATURE CHEESES ONLY! As the characters are a bit older, the book covers a few more grown up topics. If I had to give an age rating, I’d say around 12+. It also adds to the book as well – nothing is sugar coated. It goes to show the true horror that refugees and civilians were forced to live through in world war two.


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