May Reading Round Up: All The Places I’ve Travelled To

This was not posted in June. Your eyes deceive you.

I’ve never been to America. I’ve never been to Asia, or battle field, or dark space… but sometimes it feels like I have. It’s a cliché, but reading really does transport you. You can travel time and space to places you’ve never been or never will. It’s pretty cool!

I first saw this idea on the brilliant Budget Tales Book Blog, and you can check out her post here – she’s been a lot more places than me! Where have you travelled to recently? Let me know in the comments!

So where have I been this month…

Gossip Fueled Alabama High School

I have never been to Alabama… but now I feel like I have. I Kissed Shara Wheeler was one of my most anticipated reads of 2022 and it did not disappoint – I fully felt immersed in the claustrophobic culture of Alabama High School due to McQuiston’s gorgeous writing and even better characters. Review incoming!


Cyborgs and Cinderella in New Beijing

Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to go to New Beijing’s dystopian, robotic future! Alongside the robots, it’s also plagued by an incurable disease that made me a bit uncomfortable – pandemic books have been ruined for me. What about you?

Honestly, I was expecting Cinder to be forgettable but it was actually really good! All of my smug predictions of a fairytale retelling didn’t come true, the plot was really well paced and the characters genuinely sympathetic. I might actually try the rest of the series. Very aluminium-ating!

(I’m sorry).

1960s Liverpool

Do you enjoy reading plays? Nothing compares to seeing live theatre but recently I’ve been reading quite a lot of plays and this month was Blood Brothers. I listened to the soundtrack as I read and it’s been stuck in my head all month – a brilliant and moving story. The soundtrack is even better!


Deep Space… 200 Years In The Future

Ahhhh Aurora Rising! When what I expected to be one of my favourite books of the year (I’m a sucker for sci fi) turned out to be… very disappointing. Although the Star Wars-esque, space army was really original, the narrative style irritated me to no end. Amongst other things. Find out why I wanted the narrator to ‘just shut up’ in my review here!

The Patriarchal Planet of Huaxia

The Iron Widow! One of the COOLEST books I’ve ever read, utterly impeccable. Although you won’t catch me traveling to Huaxia anytime soon…

Excited, rant-filled review incoming!

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