#TTT: Book To Film Adaptations Hall Of Fame

As always, this great tag was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s prompt is a free for all, so I thought I’d look at some of my favourite book to film adaptations! It’s so hard to compare books and films because they are such different consuming experiences – and some bits are inevitably going to be cut out of the film. (Why they always seem to be my favourite scenes or characters, I’ll never know…) . Adaptations are a great way for people to get into a book series and I always love to see the choices the directors made. So, despite in danger of being that reader (the book is always better than the film 🤪), here are my top five films that were as good as the book. What would yours be? Have you seen any of these? Can a film be better than the book? Let me know in the comments!

Questionable actors and authors and other factors affect how I view the film now, but as a piece of film, Call Me By Your Name remains one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. The music and the setting make you feel like you’re there, and I rewatch it every summer.

The film was so humorous, fast paced, engaging, and beautifully shot. I enjoyed it so much!

I love discussing which Little Women adaptation is the best, because people always have different choices and reasoning. For me, it has to be the 2019 adaptation! It remains one of my favourite films of all time because of how it cleverly combines the author and Jo’s stories (and I’m in love with every single actor in it). Which adaptation is your favourite?

This series couldn’t have done a better job of capturing the madness that is a series of unfortunate events. This and Shadow and Bone remain my favourite tv adaptations ever.

I didn’t include SaB because you can find out why I love it so much in my previous post here.


This film is absolutely hilarious and I love it to pieces.

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16 thoughts on “#TTT: Book To Film Adaptations Hall Of Fame

  1. I’m actually partial to the the 1994 Little Women.
    Even more controversial, I like the 1996 Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. I think Paltrow seems like a very Emma-ish person so she was quite right for character, at least IMO.


    1. That’s so interesting! I do love all the period films that came out in the 90s (pride and prejudice with Colin firth is brilliant hahah) and I see where you’re coming from with the Emma adaptation. I think Paltrow is amazing in anything…

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  2. I love this idea! I adored the recent Little Women too–there was something so cosy about it from the start (until it broke your heart, obviously). I’m looking forward to watching the latest Emma adaptation!


  3. I still have to watch the 2019 Little Women! I enjoyed The Martian movie (never read the book), and I love all Jane Austen adaptations lol, I can’t get enough. I’ll watch every version I think. Great list!


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