Why Leigh Bardugo’s Crows ARE The Umbrella Academy

Look me in the eye and tell me that this doesn’t work perfectly.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Umbrella Academy, and while rewatching some episodes while I await Season 3 (yay!), I’ve noticed some… similarities between that and another Netflix show. Books. Anyway, do you think that this has any credibility? What were your opinions on Shadow And Bone? Let me know in the comments!

Number Five IS Kaz

Bloodthirsty teenager! Schemes! Revenge! I could also see Kaz wearing some sort of AC/DC-esque school uniform in an alternate reality.


Klaus IS Jesper

It works so well! Okay, so maybe Jesper is addicted to gambling and Klaus is addicted to meth… but they’re Young Adult books. Might have been a little much.

Diego IS Inej



Vanya is (sort of) Wylan

I love you Wylan but you’re irritatingly finding flaws in my perfect system. I guess they’re both the members of the group whose skill set is only revealed later on. They would also both dance like this.

One of my favourite throw away lines in Shadow and Bone was when Kaz kept asking Jesper why he asked for a demolitions expert on all of the heists. Also, is it just me who was pronouncing Kruge wrong the entire time? That and Mathias’ name! Oops.

Luther IS Mathais

This was the point where my brain started to spiral. Gentle giant character? Tick. Has a very stoic (/stupid) sense of humour? Betrayed by a father figure? Tick Tick Tick.

Allison IS Nina

No one could really live up to the delight that is Nina Zenik, but I could see her becoming a movie star sometime in the future. And both her and Allison… kill people with words?

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14 thoughts on “Why Leigh Bardugo’s Crows ARE The Umbrella Academy

    1. OOOO I DON’T KNOW! That’s a tough one. I’ve always had mixed opinions on pogo because he always seems kind of evil? Evil undertones? Just me? Maybe it was just the way he treats the kids, but he could be Perr Haskell?

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    1. I’ve tried a couple of times to post this comment but it doesn’t seem to be working (and I can’t tell if I’m just spamming you with the same comment so sorry in advance if that’s the case lol). 23 books!! Wow!! Aw sorry to hear that you had your first 1 star review – I swear it’s the worst the first time it happens but after that I seem to read loads of 1 or 2 star books ?! Thank you so much for mentioning my post! That means a lot (I had a quick break from blogging so didn’t see it until recently) but I love this post and hope you fill all of your goals for June! Happy pride month 😊


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