Discussion and Predictions: Shadow And Bone TV Show

Shadow and Bone comes out TODAY! It’s been this far-off date for so long that it feels strange I can now see it in my continue watching pile on Netflix. Or watch again because I will make some waffles and finish it in a day. When I first heard Shadow and Bone would be a TV show, I wasn’t that bothered. I wasn’t sure what implications it would have for the series – I still hate the new Six Of Crows covers. Why would you ruin that beauty?! But it’s safe to say that the anticipation (and massive stretch of time since then) has really got me excited.

This is going to be a shorter post, but I just wanted to make some quick predictions and maybe interact with some of you about the show. Let me know any of your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to see what other people think!

I apolagise to everyone who has no clue what I’m on about… you’ll find out soon enough!

I Predict…

  1. This show will either be horrendous or my new favourite program. There will be no inbetween. However, the trailers look brilliant so I’m hoping it will be the first one.
  2. There are going to be loads of new Grishaverse fans who haven’t read the books.
  3. The producers will mess up at least one thing, and there will be internet uproar. I’m calling Kaz and Inej kissing (THAT’S LIKE ONE OF THE BIGGEST THINGS IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP). But hopefully it won’t be too un-canon because I think Leigh Bardugo is one of the writers.

Things I’m Excited For…

  1. Kaz smashing heads in with and his cane in real, HD cinema. No more needs to be said. Who are you most excited to see?
  2. THE FAN EDITS. I’ve seen all the madness created by Hunger Games fans and Percy Jackson fans (and Marauders fans with 5 seconds of film and various random fan edits) soI’m so ready for my Tik Tok to be flooded with fan edits to pop songs.
  3. I’m more excited for whatever Crows screen time we get over the Darkling and Alina any day. Can you tell?

Finally, one thing I can’t believe: BEN BARNES IS THE DARKLING? I’m sorry, what? I hadn’t really processed that it was him – the entire 2012 Marauders fandom is probably buzzing for all the new content of ‘Sirius’ in floppy shirts. Also, he is 39. I swear Alina is supposed to be like 16; the actress is 25, which isn’t too bad, but still. Why can’t we cast teenagers as actual teenagers?

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16 thoughts on “Discussion and Predictions: Shadow And Bone TV Show

  1. Ahh I hope you love the show!! I hope the directors won’t mess something up at the end! Ah yes I wish teens were cast as actual teens too but I’m not that much bothered because the crows all sounded like adults in my head idk and with all the violence in S&B I think there will be a case if actual teens were cast. I hope you enjoy this, again!!


    1. Yeah I hadn’t really thought about that? I can imagine there might be some PR problems if it was actual 16 year olds beating up people 😂 Although at the same time, I think it makes everything they go through all the more awful because they’re so young? It’s like the pictures of the hunger games actors if they were the right age for the books, it’s chilling

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    Love this post though, I’m trying to keep my expectations low but it’s getting great reviews and everything looks great?? I don’t know anything about any of the actors but I imagined the Darkling as…way more goth than he is in the show, if that makes any sense…he doesn’t look menacing enough in the TV show…


    1. WAY MORE GOTH 😂 I love it. I also feel less great about his relationship thing with Alina (I mean she should be with Mal but anyway) because of how flipping old and boring he looks, but each to their own… I know what you mean though, I was definitely thinking more angsty and emo!!

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