#TTT: Guess The Fantasy Jobs (But They Get More And More Obscure)

AKA: I’ll give you ten jobs from fantasy books ranging from super easy to very obscure, and answers with the most correct answers will get a shout out!

As always, this great tag was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s prompt is about fictional jobs that you’d want… but I couldn’t think of 10 that attracted me. I’m thinking about fantasy jobs (because otherwise it would pretty much be a job application) but no I don’t want to work as a guard. Or with dragons – and then I’ve covered most fantasy jobs! So, here are 10 jobs from fantasy books… without the names of the books. There are only 8 books (ie two books have more than one job from them) so see how many you know. Depending on the success rate, either first few people to get all 8 or the people with the most correct will get a shoutout when I post the answers tomorrow. Would you want to do any of these jobs? Let me know in the comments!

10. Oomplaloompa

If you don’t get this one, you should probably give up now. This is definitely the job I’d want to do out of all of these!


9. Auror

Quite literally one of two jobs in this world – if you’re not particularly skilled at sports then you’d be off to the Ministry Of Magic. (I’ve said too much haven’t I…)

8. Squallers

I think these were the coolest powers that you could have in this series. No pushing around boats for me, I’d be making myself fly.


7. The Witchfinder General

There’s probably multiple books with witch hunters in them, but if you joined this witchfinder then you would become… one of two. But the General was one of my favourite characters in this book, very funny!

6. Druskelle

Ahh these fighters are fascinating. They’re a weird mix between superstition and doctrination and I’m so glad that the author decided to go into more detail on their mindset in the third series . It’s hard to go into a full rant without name dropping the book or the author, but I can’t wait for the sequel to drop at the end of this month (there’s a clue…).

5. Satanic Space Bone Nun

Not sure what the official name for these characters are, but I thought ‘bone nuns’ was pretty accurate! If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I talk about this series quite a bit… for another clue, the third book comes out in 2022. Any guesses?

4. One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse

  • Clue 1: In this book, they have motorbikes
  • Clue 2: No, it’s not the Bible


3. Padishah Emperor Duke of House Atreides

Very high chance of being murdered, but the food always sounded nice!

2. President of the Algolian Chapter of the Galactic Rotary Club

This is some deep nerd knowledge!



1. Head of the General Oblation Board

Arg this woman was evil (there’s a clue!).

I don’t know if this was too random or impossibly hard or too easy, but thanks for having a go! Leave your guesses in the comments and happy TTT!

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59 thoughts on “#TTT: Guess The Fantasy Jobs (But They Get More And More Obscure)

  1. The tenth is Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, which I haven’t actually read, and the ninth is Harry Potter. I’m guessing number 8 is from Grishaverse, it just seems like something out of those books, and the rest I have no clue 😅 This is a really fun game though!


    1. Ahaha, I love when you can just assume what series something is from based on just a name 😂 I haven’t read a lot of Sarah J Mass’s stuff but there’s a few names that I see and I’m like /ahhh thats Feyre right?/. Still don’t know who that character is, but I know his personality!! Thanks for having a go 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well- I actually can think of some now. Being an Antari (Shades of Magic), Witch or Wizard. Just difficult to think of some

        Well, this isn’t a published book yet- but there are jobs in Tale of the Cattail Forest. The Fairy Frogs are naturally gifted in the arts- their craft eventually ends up being some sort of profession for them. Aries is the only exception- on top of his head carpenter job, he is the Fairy Frogs leader


  2. Ok! I think I have some of these – definitely not all, but I think I’ll be close!
    10) Easy – Roald Dahl, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!
    9) Harry Potter baby!!
    8) Could be 2 different series, but I’m just going to answer the Grishaverse, and hope that covers it
    7) This one is confusing me, but the first witch-hunting book I can think of is Serpent and Dove…yes?
    6) Another Grishaverse! This one though is specifically mentioned in the Six of Crows series though!
    5) …Space…Bone…Nuns…? I’m beyond stumped here
    3) I think my father would disown me if I didn’t know this one…it’s Dune right? I think I remember that from the movie or one of his rants…maybe? (If I’m wrong please do not tell my father)
    2) Another one I haven’t read, but think I remember from the movie! Hitchhiker’s Guide, right?? RIGHT???

    Ok, so I definitely didn’t get them all – the last one stumped me big time. This is such a smart idea though!! (I’m very intrigued by these bone nuns though – I gotta know what you’re talking about)


    1. THIS IS AMAZING! You’ve definitely got one of the highest scores, and I’m glad that our dads both share a love (possibly obsession?) for Dune. He’s definitely forcing me to go and see the new movie (but Timothee Chalamet, so I’m not complaining).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wooo! For my dad, it definitely qualifies as obsession. He’s been talking for the last YEAR about how Dune is going to be our family Christmas movie! I think he was devastated when they bumped it back a year. But honestly? A movie with Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet?? Not mad at having to see that one!


      2. Yesss I’m really not complaining about the cast 😂 I’m so interested with how they adapt it, because obviously there’s a lot better CGI now than the first film ( *a lot * better haha) but sometimes now fantasy films are literally just filmed in a green screen box and it takes something away from it? And the book also spans a long time… but I don’t know? I’m interested in how they do it!

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      3. So the director has literally said that this is his best movie yet (which makes me -and my dad- super excited!) but I have been told that this is going to be a series of movies, so I’m thinking they’re going to be splitting the book into two or three. The director is a HUGE fan of the novel and doesn’t want to leave anything out. He’s even said that all of his other movies have been PRACTICE for when he could finally make Dune. So I’m definitely hopeful!


      4. WOW! That fills me with a lot of excitement if it’s supposed to be his best movie yet. And I had no clue that they were splitting it up! (oops). I can imagine that it’ll end on a cliffhanger, which would be annoying but at the same time I think movie-book adaptations work better when they’re split up into more films? Like your dad said, it means that less will be missed out 😂


  3. Oooooh this was fun!

    10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    9. Harry Potter
    8. Shadow and Bone
    7. Good Omens
    6. Shadow and Bone
    5. Gideon the Ninth
    4. Good Omens (95% certain)
    3. I did NOT get this one, nor would I have (I googled it)
    2. Hitchhiker’s Guide! (I did know this one!)
    1. No impact, no idea. I had to google it.

    7 or 8 out of 10 isn’t bad


    1. 7 or 8 out of 10 is in fact brilliant!! You’ve definitely got one of the highest scores so far, well done 😊 I don’t think very many people got Good Omens – I’m still not sure what the proper term for Gideon and Harrow is…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure your brain is fine and it’s most likely due to the fact that I made them all a bit too hard… I was definitely going for obscure so I feel like if you haven’t read the specific books then you might be at a loss? But thanks so much for having a go!

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  4. Oh, dear! I realize I should know these, but I’m going to have to guess most:
    10. Charlie and Chocolate Factory
    9. Harry Potter!
    8. King of Scars (I think) – My second guess was Shadow and Bone
    7. Discovery of Witches
    6. Six of Crows
    5. Gideon the Ninth (I think-I had to guess on this)
    4. Good Omens
    3. Dune
    2. Hitchhikers Guide
    1. His Dark Materials (I want to narrow it down I think to Golden Compass if my memory serves me correctly).

    This post was brilliant! I love that this post made me think and try to put together all the clues that you put for each entry! ❤


      1. Haha…..that is now a skillset I will have to add to the top of every job application as an essential skill! 😛 Again, I loved this post!


  5. I think I’ve got five of them correctly… I had to look up one because it sounded familiar… the others, I have no idea.

    10: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    9: Harry Potter series
    8: Shadow and Bone trilogy / grishaverse
    6: Six of Crows (I had to look this one up… I wasn’t thinking you might have TWO jobs from the same universe)
    4: Good Omens
    3: Dune

    I want to say 5 is Gideon the Ninth because I don’t know anything else that could possibly fit with those words together, but I haven’t read it so that’s just a pure guess. XD


  6. Gosh! I need to read up fantasy literature. I got only the two most obvious ones – Charlie and Harry Potter. But this was the most fun post on ttt.


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