#WWW Wednesday – 17/2/21

Hey everyone! This is one of my favourite weekly tags, so many people do it that it’s really fun. WWW Wednesday is hosted over at Taking On A World Of Words, check out their site 🙂 If you’ve had a go at this tag, feel free to link your post in the comments. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to this week!

What I Finished Recently

Recently, I’ve been talking quite a lot about the Simonverse – mainly because I just finished Love Creekwood and you can find my review of this adorable book here. I’ve also been rewatching the film and was inspired to make a cross-stitch of my OTP, which you can find here 😁.

This week, I also finished Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley which was a moving story about two girls who fall in love during the racial tension of 1960s America. I was also lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of Jane Austen Investigates which was as fun as it sounds, and a bit of light reading!

What I’m Currently Reading

Did you know that there’s a fifth Maze Runner book? I didn’t… so when I saw it and immediately bought it, I forgot that I couldn’t remember a thing about what happened in the series. So, I’m currently rereading them and I’d also forgot how good they are.

Literally, I could read this for hours. It’s been months since I read a book that actually had me ignoring other things that I should be doing (including sleeping. So I might be a bit tired. But it was worth it!). These books are the best dystopian premise I’ve ever read. It’s the sort of book where every chapter ends on a cliff hanger AND ITS SO HARD NOT TO LOOK AT IT! Has that ever happened to you?

However, I must admit that the whole killer virus wipes out half the population and leaves world in apocalypse felt a little bit close to home, so I might be waiting a little before I read the next book!

What I Want To Read Next

I don’t know whether to be excited for this. I am, but I don’t want to be let down? However, I’ve seen a lot of people say that it’s even better than From Blood And Ash, so I’m interested how!

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I’m a teenager (and a Hufflepuff) from Manchester. I like oversized jumpers, music that isn't on the radio anymore and books. Pretty much any book I can get my hands on but my favourites are Young Adult, fantasy and science fiction. One day, I decided to share some of my opinions on some great - and not so great - books to people around the world. And here it is! I really enjoy it and I hope you do too. The aim is hundreds and thousands of book reviews (see what I did there?) but I’m not quite up to that. Yet.

40 thoughts on “#WWW Wednesday – 17/2/21

  1. Great now I’m going to have to reread The Maze Runner series so I can read the fifth book too. It’s been years since I first read them and I don’t remember all that much.


      1. House of Many Ways- if you want to read that, you need to read Howl’s Moving Caste first or nothing will make sense.

        Look for my overall review of the Howl’s series


  2. I didn’t know there was another Maze Runner book either. It’s been …wow…so many years since I read the others. It sounds like a fantastic read! I love it when a book stops me from doing things I need to do.


  3. I didn’t know there is a fifth Maze Runner book either. I love it when a book is so good, I can’t be bothered to do anything else but read. ❤️


  4. Maze Runner was a series I really enjoyed! I definitely need to revisit it sometime. Enjoy your reading!


  5. I still haven’t read Maze Runner but I think I really should, I’m glad you’re loving it so much! Have you read Loop by Ben Oliver?
    I’ve seen Jane Austen Investigates everywhere recently, another I might have to look into – do you need to know Jane Austen to enjoy it do you think?


    1. Not at all! To be honest, I thought it was a bit of unrelated detail that she was Jane Austen – literally the only reference to her growing up to be the great woman herself was that she enjoyed writing. And had the same name. I haven’t heard of loop – I’ll check it out though! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂


      1. I haven’t read Maze Runner like I say but based on what I know about it I think you’d like Loop. I loved it anyway, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it even if it’s nothing like MR!
        And that’s great to know about Jane Austen Investigates – I have no clue about Jane Austen but fo think it sounds fun so I’m going to try and squeeze it in now!


  6. I feel your hesitation on starting Kingdom of Flesh and Fire. After the amazingness of FBAA, I was also worried that I would be let down in AKOFAF. However, I really loved AKOFAF if it is any consolation. 😊 My sister was also shocked when she found out that there was a 5th Maze Runner book! (I don’t really follow that series so I didn’t think anything of it). I also totally get the whole waiting to start the next Maze Runner book.. I am reading The Stand (well I sort of put it on pause to read ACOSF) and it is also about a pandemic … it just hits too close to home so I sort of procrastinate on reading it😬

    Great post! Happy Wednesday. I hope you have a great rest of your week!!


    1. YES the procrastinating about reading a book about diseases!I know the pain – I know I’m being ridiculous but it does feel a bit too close to home? But I guess I’m not really trapped in a killer maze, so not that close to home 😂 Definitely worthy of ditching to read ACOSF…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. And I didn’t know that Julia Golding had written other things! Oops. I’ve had a google of her but I haven’t heard of any of her other books – does she mostly write for adults? I should really look into some of these authors haha. Hope you enjoy blood and ash, it’s really gooood.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, I’ve read some of her YA and juvenile fantasy, which is the only reason I know her 😂. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of hers, though. Thank you! I’m really excited to read it. 😊


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