YA Books Christmas Present Ideas (That Aren’t Hunger Games)

Merry Christmas GIFs | Tenor

Hey everyone! As it’s Christmas (yay!) I thought I’d share some Young Adult books that would make great Christmas presents. I’m a teen, and I have to admit I’d prefer not to have a old copy of someone’s favourite book when they were ten. Because, whilst I’m sure they enjoyed it… that doesn’t mean I will. I’d recommend not buying books that are too young for teens, ie the characters are younger than the person you’re buying it for.

Obviously, it isn’t always the case that younger MC means a younger age category (THE EXORCIST) but it can sometimes feel like you and the fact you read older books aren’t not being taken seriously. Although, stay in an appropriate age category!

Also, I tried out some book photography for the first time. Let me know if you have any tips on how to photograph books… because I spent about half an hour trying to find some decent lighting that didn’t show all the creases in the spines. Because I’ve read these books a lot. Because I really enjoyed them! And anyone you’re buying YA books for this Christmas will as well 🙂

Have you read amy of these? Got any other YA books that would make great presents, or want to let me know what books you want for Christmas? let me know in the comments!

YA Fantasy

More YA Fantasy (I just really liked this photo)

YA Romance


For more info on these books, check out my reviews of them 🙂

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I’m a teenager (and a Hufflepuff) from Manchester. I like oversized jumpers, music that isn't on the radio anymore and books. Pretty much any book I can get my hands on but my favourites are Young Adult, fantasy and science fiction. One day, I decided to share some of my opinions on some great - and not so great - books to people around the world. And here it is! I really enjoy it and I hope you do too. The aim is hundreds and thousands of book reviews (see what I did there?) but I’m not quite up to that. Yet.

16 thoughts on “YA Books Christmas Present Ideas (That Aren’t Hunger Games)

  1. I am 26 and still want to read middle grade books. When I was a college student, I found myself reading Land of Stories, Avalon, and Sister’s Grimm. I am actually asking for a middle grade book for Christmas- I want to start the Nevermoor series

    For classics- one of the best places to start is A Christmas Carol- short book and one of the best classics

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    1. I loved land of stories when I was a kid! Only recently I found out that kurt from glee wrote them – I always thought it was just a big coincidence that they had the same name. And looked the same…


      1. Only discovered Land of Stories in college. I recognized that author’s name right when I saw it. I watched Glee in high school.

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  2. Yay! I adore Shadowhunters (and granted also The Hunger Games) Ooh, and I just borrowed Fangirl from my library, but I did really enjoy Eleanor and Park also by Rainbow Rowell! And as per usual many of these books are on my ever growing TBR! Nice post!

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    1. Im so glad you enjoyed so many of these books! (Proves you have a great sense in books haha). I really like fangirl, but once you’ve read it try Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. It’s about the same world and it’s perfect. I promise you you won’t regret it 🙂


      1. Will do! Thanks for the tip, I’m going to start Fangirl soon, once I finish the book I am currently reading (Lost Boy) and hopefully I can get Carry On somewhere 😊😅

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