#S4S: Harry Potter Characters That Deserved Better

Snape is not on this list.

The original prompt for this week was ‘clever characters’, but that didn’t give me much inspiration. Then, I thought of ‘Charatcers that deserved better’… but baisically all of my characters were by J.K Rowling. So, now I bring you six Harry Potter characters that deserved so much more – I’d love to hear any other suggestions in the comments. Hope you enjoy!

Ginny Weasley

After all this time, Ginny has always been my favourite character. She’s funny, very cool and sassy (I’m sure she had to be to survive as the youngest of 5 BROTHERS. That’s impressive in itself). But, in the films, all this was cut out and she was really just as Harry’s love interest and Ron’s sister. 😦 Plus, she could have done so much better than Harry Potter.


Cho Chang

This prompt could solely be FEMALE charatcers who were were ill fated… but I had to get in Remus Lupin). I don’t even know where to start for Cho Chang. Her name is two last names. Her high school boyfriend dies, and she has the audacity do show emotion – no wonder, Harry found her annoying! Despite all this, she was the only girl on the Ravenclaw quidditch team and seems pretty resilient, yet we barely hear of her after Harry is done with her. Which I don’t like.


Luna Lovegood

Firstly, Luna has such a freaking cool name. She comes across as very cool in general and I thought this image summed her up. (Finding these photos was so fun! I didn’t want to use the actors because films should never be canon. Artwork wasn’t really an option either, so instead we’ve got some fun free-pexels-photos.). She’s brilliantly written, but I feel like Luna is a character J.K Rowling might be shoving out of the closet on Twitter soon, instead of just including it in the books. Which makes me sad.


Lily Evans

What do we actually know about Harry’s mum? She has nice eyes. She died for her kid. Aside from obviously giving birth to Harry, her main purpose is to humanise Snape. We know James as this great prankster; Lily isn’t fleshed out as much as I’d like. She had a hard life: rejected by her sister, then her best friend, and having numerous people feel entitled to go out with her. She also had a short life. Not enough people realise: Lily died at 21.

Neville Longbottom

J.K Rowling is an amazing writer. Despite everything, Harry Potter is an amazingly well crafted universe with often extremely well written characters. I can’t deny it. Neville is one of the best character deveopments – we watch him progress from this shy boy with a lost toad to holding his own at the Battle of Hogwarts, and you feel so emotionally invested as you’ve known him for so long. So, this is more of a ‘Neville deserves more recognition of how great he is’.

Fun neck exercise: twist your head for, what I thought, was a great photo.


Remus Lupin

THERE ARE NO GOOD PHOTOS OF THE CINNAMON ROLL TUMBLR HAS LEAD ME TO BELIVE LUPIN IS. When I read The Deathly Hallows, I just kept telling myself there’s no way Remus and Tonks would die. Is there? Because to kill off both of Teddy’s parents is just cruel. I love how, despite 0.06% of the books being about them, the Harry Potter fandom has just rewritten the Marauders and it’s beautiful. So no, I do not want a Marauders spin off book, mainly becuase I’ve already read too many amazing ones.

God bless fanfiction.

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11 thoughts on “#S4S: Harry Potter Characters That Deserved Better

  1. Great list! I haven’t read all the books yet, but I watched all the films (oof, don’t come for me!), so I kind of understand where you’re coming from.

    I hated Ginny in the movies, but I’ll probably love her in the books. I LOVE NEVILLE AND REMUS! They’re such underrated characters! ❤️

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  2. Snape is not on this list… say what??? 🤣 This is such a brilliant idea for a post – I think I’d have to add Narcissa onto this list as well, and Winky, poor Winky! 🙈 There’s so many for this you could probably keep it going all month to be fair!

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  3. AMAZING POST!! I would add Sirius to the list as well though. He literally lost 2 of his friends and finally got reunited with a godson and Remus, only to die. I would also add Fred Weasley. I just like him more than George and I cannot believe Rowling killed him. My heart broke when these characters died😭😭💔💔💔


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