One Day

Name: One Day

Author: David Nicholls

Published: 2009

Song: Yesterday by the Beatles

15th July 1988: Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways.

So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that?

And every year that follows?

One of the review on the back of this book said that when the reviewer had finished ‘One Day’, it felt like they had made two new best friends. That was honestly the thing that sparked me to buy this book because I read that and thought ‘Like that’s going to happen…’ I read it to prove them wrong. But I have a finished book lying on my lap; tears streaming down my face and two new best friends who are both in dire need of a hug.

Originally, I tried to find a longer blurb for this blog, but looking back, the one I’ve copied and pasted from Goodreads sums up the book perfectly (I should have known – you can’t go wrong with Goodreads). ‘One Day’ beautifully follows Emma and Dexter, showing them on the same day year after year. It was a clever way of doing it, and although there were a few times I was left wanting more, it flowed really well. I hadn’t read any books by David Nicholls before (I will be doing though!) and he honestly made me so SCARED for these characters. That man is ruthless.

It was very realistic and relatable but full of irony and funny at the same time. There were double meanings and significants in everything, which I loved. Though my favourite part was all these wonderful characters. You try and tell your friends about these amazing people and then you realise that they actually don’t exist. Thats the power of a good book.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead! Just don’t peek at the next paragraph and you’ll be safe!

My MASSIVE problem with the book was the ending. It was so unexpected and abrupt – she didn’t deserve to die (you didn’t see that). She didn’t need to die! Many books struggle to find a nice ending, which I understand: Happily Ever After can sometimes seem so cheap. So instead they just kill off one of the characters – I’m looking at you Jennifer Niven and John Green. In my head, Emma and Dexter deserved to be together forever… you can’t go around killing off my best friends! I guess it was more realistic? Teaching the reader a lesson maybe? Always wear a helmet kids… But then the epilogue was NOT NECCESSARY. Big full stop David Nicholls. I was crying my heart out, (because all of my stars had faded away) although does that then make it an amazing ending if it can make you feel so much? I don’t know. I was just really sad.

You’re safe! Carry On!

“One Day’ was made into a film in 2011. Now, while I’m sure this will be a great lockdown watch, when you type the book’s name in to Google, it literally only brings up the movie. Give the book some recognition! And if the film is slated then no one will read it… although Anne Hathaway is in it so that is unlikely.

I was honestly kind of upset when I first saw the trailer because these are MY characters and I’m sure the directors will get everything wrong 😦 First of all, I would have 1000% cast Hugh Grant as Derek, and also Wikipedia says that it’s an American-English romantic tragedy. Except that awful Texas voice over on the trailer. WHAT PART IS AMERICAN!

Have you ever felt like that about a film adaptation? Please let me know I’m not alone with this!


In short, read this book! Whilst there may be some element that I’m not entirely happy about (like that stupid ending) it was an amazing read, the characters and structure was brilliant and it really made me smile. I would recommend it for fans of Jojo Sayers and ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney. Give it a try!

Have you read this book? Got any recommendations? (song recommendations also excitedly accepted) Please like and tell me in the comments section!

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