Top Ten Signs You Are a True Reader

Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted on That Artsy Reader Girl and the theme for Tuesday 30th March 2020 is the ‘Top Ten Signs That You Are a Book Reader’. Here’s my list; how many apply to you?

1. You have strong opinions on Kindles. You also have strong opinions on people borrowing your books and bending spines. Any culprits will be hunted down to the ends of the earth. You have been warned.

2. You’re constantly confusing events of fan fiction with what happens in the actual book. It’s a real problem!

3. You have far too many books for your shelves. However, you do have particular stacks of books dotted around your room in a system known only to you and God. And if anyone ever tries to ‘help’ they are quickly ejected from the room. tHeRe’s a sYsTeM!

4. You are always plaguing your family and friends with facts about books. Then there’s that shocking moment when you realise that they don’t actually know these people. And that they don’t actually exist. That’s always a horrible moment.

5. You get high off the smell of new books. I swear it’s one of the best feelings – just thinking about Waterstones, ughhhh!

6. You follow Hundreds and Thousands of Books.

7. You are all about bookish podcasts. I would highly recommend ‘Potterless‘, a podcast following an American man reading Harry Potter for the first time. It’s hilarious.

8. Your TBR list can only be described as ‘unmanageable.’ I will get through it one day. Just give me one day more (see what I did there, hehe.)

9. You ALWAYS read the book before you see the film. It’s constantly going to be better!

10. You don’t understand your non-Bookworm friends. What do you do with your life when you aren’t pining over fairytale princes or the death of your favourite character?

Do you have any more ideas? Happy TTT!

Published by Hundreds&Thousands

I’m a teenager (and a Hufflepuff) from Manchester. I like oversized jumpers, music that isn't on the radio anymore and books. Pretty much any book I can get my hands on but my favourites are Young Adult, fantasy and science fiction. One day, I decided to share some of my opinions on some great - and not so great - books to people around the world. And here it is! I really enjoy it and I hope you do too. The aim is hundreds and thousands of book reviews (see what I did there?) but I’m not quite up to that. Yet.

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