Red, White and Royal Blue: Part 2

I’m back! And on about page 200 of ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’. I’ve already done a (pretty ruthless) blog on my first impressions of it but I’m happy to say that it seems to be getting better. But how long will that last with Casey McQuinnston…

Everything escalated quickly: from my expectations of it to Alex and Henry’s relationship. Very quickly. Literally enemies to lovers in about 20 pages, like some sort of chic-lit fanfic. However, their first kiss was actually pretty cuteeee. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sexuality-confused royalty.

(I guess that makes what happens 1000% worse!)

I still want more character depth. Yes, I get that Alex is the First Son and everything, but surely there must be more to him than working and hanging out with his (two?) sisters. This guy needs more friends.
And Henry! We NEED more books/films where the love interest is actually interesting and isn’t only relevant because of their ‘cascading waves of golden hair’. Or other shiny body parts.

So, the boys have kissed, and then things escalate… honestly, I wanted more fluff and smutt. I want to see some pining-at-window scenes as the rain drips down and their heart calls for their love on the other side of the sea. (I could totally write some YA trash. My characters would have more depth than these two.) But no, they’re meeting up in hotel rooms in about 20 pages; there ISN’T even the generic scene where Alex would be wondering if Henry even likes him, or is only using him as a distraction. Honestly. The potential wasted here!

History huh? Bet we could make some.

Alex to Henry in one of said emails

However, we do get some pretty cute emails (which may or may not be very similar to the ones Simon received in ‘Simon VS Homo Agenda.’ ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ came out 3 years after Simon. Just saying.) The emails have loads of sweet quotes – although I’m highly sceptical that two 20 years would say some of them. They also include certain things that I’m sure 20 year olds do say, but do we really need to know? Too much information, Casey McQuinnston.

But now something AWFUL has happened and I’m honestly cringing so hard. I have no idea how it’s going to end and I’m kind of scared to be honest. I’ll keep you updated though!

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