Ghost Hawk

Name: Ghost Hawk

Author: Susan Cooper

Published: 2013


When he was 11 moons old, Little Hawk ventured into the wilderness, where he must survive for three months of solitude and survival. He entered a boy; he returned a man. But when he found his village 3 months later, everything was different. Then Little Hawk finds his life entangled with the young english boy, John… in more ways than one. 

This beautiful book tells the scarcely heard true tale of native tribes and English settlers in North America fighting for survival and to keep a grip on their land. The storyline is gripping and unpredictable, yet filled with characters you will love. In an honest and moving tone, it recounts wonderful traditions and tribes that no longer exist. No longer existing because they were exterminated by European Settlers.

Susan Cooper is a brilliant author, who has been writing since the 1960’s! But her style is very modern in that she doesn’t exaggerate or undermine characters and plot lines unlike some authors *cough* every Harry Potter book ever *cough*. Back in 2016 Ghost Hawk was a runner up for the prestigious Cilip Carnegie Award, blah, blah, blah, but that’s still pretty cool as that is one of the major book awards. If you come across a book that was a runner up or even won the award – you know its gonna be good.

SWEETENER: What I loved best about Ghost Hawk was all the traditions and culture crammed into every page. It’s so depressing to think that the world has lost so many of these amazing indigenous peoples and beliefs. You also get a glimpse into what life was like for English settlers in North America – it’s quite different from what you see on Horrible Histories! Overall, Ghost Hawk was a very interesting read, and it felt like one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

MATURE CHEESES ONLY! There is some violence between the indigenous people and the english settlers that may not be suitable for anyone under 11. The english settlers talk with all the thous and thus of olde english, and it can get slightly confusing with all the different characters covered over the long time frame its set in. And while the book begins when Little Hawk meets John aged 11, it follows them both throughout their lives – so don’t let the age put you off! 


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