The Thing About Jellyfish

Name: The Thing About Jellyfish

Author: Ali Benjamin

Published: 2015

Song: Changes by David Bowie

the thing about jellyfish

It was always Suzy and Franny, Franny and Suzy: they were best friends, inseparable. But, one day, it was just Suzy.

Suzy Swanson stopped speaking the day her best friend drowned. She didn’t understand how it could have happened – Franny was an excellent swimmer. So, she sets off on a mission that will take her to the deepest, darkest corners of the ocean and her memory. 

Written in a graceful and innocent tone, ‘the thing about jellyfish’ is incredibly moving. It is heart warming and heart breaking; covering everything about growing up and growing apart. Inspired by her Year 8 science teacher, Suzy writes it as a scientific study, from the introduction and an end. however, this doesn’t affect the storyline or fictional basis only adds a level of understanding to the novel. The entire thing is comprised of short chapters so is quite easy to read – I read it in literally 3 sittings! Overall, this book is a beautiful piece about love, loss and jellyfish.

SWEETENER: Friendship. Franny wasn’t always Suzy’s friend. In fact, they draw apart after moving to high school; Franny to the more popular (and mean) girls, leaving Suzy on her own. The author includes short snippets of their happy childhood between chapters which contrast dramatically with their current situation. The girls gradually draw more and more apart. Days before Franny’s death, although nobody knows that, Suzy decides to take a stand. Sick and tired of being bullied for the whole of the year, she makes a choice that will change both of their lives. And one of their deaths.

Cerys Book Blog Table - jellyfish

Have you read this book? Did you also cry your heart out? Or do you have a book recommendation? (songs also excitedly accepted) Please like and let me know in the comments!

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