Scarlett and Ivy: The Lost Twin

Name: Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twin

Author: Sophie Cleverly

Published: 2015


An isolated boarding school harbouring a perfectly creepy secret. Twins Ivy and Scarlet have never been separated, until Scarlet receives a mysterious invitation to lonely Rookwood school. 6 months later, she is pronounced dead. No one outside the school knows what’s happened to her; but Ivy wants to discover the truth. So, she jumps at the opportunity when the terrifying Miss Fox asks her to take Scarlet’s place at the school… in more ways than one.   

Sophie Cleverly has certainly led up to her surname! This book is the first of an ongoing series about their adventures. I would highly recommend them for fans of the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ mysteries by Robin Stevens. the mystery is highly engaging and I especially loved all the little details the author has given to the characters. However at some points in the story I felt that the plot was getting slightly unrealistic. But, altogether it was a very original book with a clever twist.

The Scarlet and Ivy mysteries begin with this book but there are 5 other books, the 6th coming out this year (I’m very excited! :D) Personally, I feel that the series doesn’t progress to be as good as the first one, but I read them all the same. They get a bit like Sophie has run out of scenarios for her characters. But, the first two or three are definitely worth reading – I’m interested of anyone else’s opinion too.


SWEETENER: Friends and enemies. Both twins (we learn about Scarlet’s time at the school through short interludes in the chapter that are her diary entries) encounter the same enemy! Also, Ivy meets a really sweet girl and trustworthy girl called Ariadne who helps her throughout the series. She has a mysterious past, which also features throughout the books, plus, for a reason unknown – in this book anyway – she was thrown out of a boarding school before Rookwood. In the story, Ivy can’t find any mention of her sister, but does find her diary hidden in her old room. Some of the pages have been stolen, and Ivy spends the entire book trying to get them back, because Scarlet discovered the secret of Rookwood school an wrote it down on those pages. And then she disappeared without a trace…

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